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MARA NATURALS – creation of something different. Connected with nature, pure design and novelty.


MARA NATURALS idea was inspired by the beauty of Latvian nature – the vastness of forests and the magical depths of rivers and lakes. It is a great place to recover your soul and mind from everyday rush and feel the pure touch of nature. Our goal is to create a cosmetic line for busy people who could bring the natural beauty to their bathrooms and unwind from the hustle of everyday life.


All products are made by using the finest ingredients to moisture and protect the skin. Our aim is to use the most natural ingredients that do not contain colourants, to develop products free from SLS and SLES and to protect your skin from Parabens, Pegs and Allergens, which can be found in the majority of usual store cosmetic products. With a help of innovative and nature-inspired cosmetic products, we intend to develop a trusted cosmetic line to people who highly value the welfare of skin care.


The main motivation for MARA NATURALS is to establish a loyal and trustful relationship among costumers and future clients. People become more aware of taking care of their health and body. Special attention is put on the cosmetic labels in favour of choosing the most suitable products that would take care of body with a breath of nature. We strive to ensure that our products have not only been made of natural ingredients and of high quality, but also have pure and unique fragrances and aesthetic packaging. We have a strong belief in what we are doing and hope to encourage this belief in our customers. We believe in transparency, therefore every product has a full ingredient list on the label, there is nothing to hide.


You will ask, why MARA? MARA is a powerful goddess in Latvian mythology that lives in nature, wild forest and flower rich fields. Mara is also a protector of health and is responsible for well-being. We use Mara sign in our logo – it is a very strong sign and for many centuries are used in many ways as the protector since Iron and Bronze ages.


As MARA symbol has 4 crosses, in our interpretation they symbolize 4 seasons – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. We choose to start our product line with 4 flavours and each of them symbolizes one of the season.

Elderberry is well known for centuries, this magical, silky mysterious fragrance will leave you wanting more.

Rhubarb is a great source of vitamins, and it’s magical fresh scent will remind you of childhood. Just try it and you will fall in love with it.

Blueberry is must have. Everyone knows this berry and knows that it is enriched with vitamins.

Cranberry is our protector and source of vitamins in winter time

Welcome to MARA Naturals!

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